Circular Economy

We offer expertise in the following aspects of the circular economy:


Product Remanufacture and Reuse

We established the  Centre for Remanufacturing & Reuse in 2006 and it has since attracted worldwide attention as a research resource and route to our advisory services. Remanufacture and reuse are tighter 'loops' of the circular economy and represent a more ambitious approach than recycling, with associated greater economic and environmental value. If you want to investigate your options  contact us here.


Value from End-of-Life Products

Many OEMs are asking: what happens to our products at their end of life? Or at the end of their first use? Most importantly, how can we generate more value from them?

Our team has investigated the flows and values of many end-of-life products such as mattresses, sportswear, clothing, furniture, paints, lubricant oil, and organic and food wastes.

Want to know more about how to extract more value from your end-of-life products?   contact us here.


Corporate Wear – End of Life Management

Tackling end-of-life corporate wear can be a great first step for organisations that want to enhance their contribution to the circular economy. It can be especially helpful in a change programme to signal to staff what is possible and to engage them for the longer term journey of moving the company's products and services towards more circular approaches. We established the  Uniform Reuse website in 2008 and it has since provided a research resource and route to our advice.

If you want to investigate the end-of-life management of your corporate wear and want our suggestions on what else can be done contact us here.



David Parker


Specialist - Circular Economy: David Parker MA (Cantab) MSc MBA MIChemE CEnv

+44 (0)1296 423 915

As well as leading the Centre for Remanufacturing & Reuse, David has a major role in our projects related to waste and resources. His project work has included: evaluating new technologies for reducing resource use; research into effective waste prevention strategies; harmonising data on geological and man-made resource deposits across the EU; and coordinating government-sponsored R&D programmes - for example working with Innovate UK.

David specialises in managing large collaborative projects, such as with the Horizon2020 project to establish the European Remanufacturing Network. He is also heavily involved in areas of business with a special emphasis on technology and sustainability metrics, and leads our remanufacturing-based consultancy work with production industries.

His background is in the chemicals industry with 13 years in R&D, design, production, trouble-shooting, project management and techno-commercial analysis for ICI and DuPont. He has a degree in chemical engineering from Cambridge and an MBA from Durham University Business School.