GPS RM 830 Lot 15 Sustainability

The Government Procurement Service (GPS) developed the GPS framework scheme to assist public bodies in meeting their environmental targets and objectives. It offers easy access to environmental and sustainability advice, support and delivery services.

All UK public sector bodies are able to make use of the framework, including central government departments and agencies, non-departmental public bodies, the NHS and local authorities, as well as devolved administrations. It covers a broad range of services, the key areas being air quality, biodiversity, climate change, noise and statutory nuisances, waste, water and sustainability.

It is structured in 18 lots, split by advisory and non-advisory type services across a variety of subjects. It is designed to make it easier for you to use and realise savings from environmental spend. You can work with Oakdene Hollins using Lot 15 Sustainability.

If you wish to use this framework, more information can be found at or call the GPS Service Desk on 0345 410 2222.

We provide assistance to the European Commission on:

  • the assessment of WMPs(EC-DG Env): DGENV C.2/FRA/2013/0023
  • sustainable growth (EC-DG Regio): DG REGI 2013CE16BAT064 Lot 2
  • sustainable industrial policy (EC-DG GROW): DG ENTR 409 PP 2014 FC Lot 3
  • impact assessments and evaluations (EC-DG Energy): DG ENER A4/516/2014
  • economic analysis of environmental and resource efficiency policies (EC-DG ENV): DG ENV F1/FRA/2014/0063